How to get a refund on Amazon Prime?

Can you refund Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime membership can cancel  Prime users from their Amazon account. The Amazon Prime membership is a paid membership for all its users. You can make the payment for subscription – monthly, annually or semi-annually. Earlier, it came only with the one-time annual subscription plan but now it comes with multiple plans for users. The Prime users can quit their Amazon Prime membership at any time they want to. In some circumstances, the users are eligible for a refund upon canceling their Prime subscription. At the time of signing up for Prime, Amazon asks the users to link their debit or credit with their Amazon accounts which are further verified. This is done for the charges for Prime subscriptions and other payments that are made to Amazon.

Amazon gives a free thirty day trial period to all its users. Users need to be careful in case they are not willing to continue and purchase Prime services after the trial period ends as Amazon does not take permission or notifies before charging for the Prime services. Just be sure that after raising the request for canceling Prime, you also turn off the auto-renewal option of the payments.  It is thus suggested that the users keep a track and cancel the Prime membership themselves before the thirty-day trial period ends. 


If I cancel Amazon Prime, do I get a refund?

If you are accidentally or unwillingly charged for Prime, you can get a refund if you instantly ask for it. Your card has been charged with the Prime membership after the free trial and you have not used any of the Prime services after the paid subscription, you are then eligible to get a full refund of the amount you were charged for Prime. You will not be charged any money for Amazon Prime, neither for the free trial nor for the payments for Prime post that. You just need to go to Amazon help page and cancel your Prime subscription and ask for a refund. Although, if no Prime services have been used, Amazon automatically refunds back the full amount.

Refund Amazon Prime membership

In case you have used some of the Prime services in your paid subscription period, you are still eligible for a partial refund. To know more about this case, check the FAQ section of the website and the Refunds and Payments sections of the Amazon Prime helpdesk.

The user will be getting the refund within 3-4 working days.  Amazon follows its strict policies for payments and refunds and all these are in favor and goodwill of their valued customers.

Can you refund Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has been one of the leading delivery services in the world. Apart from the delivery of the product, Amazon Prime has many additional advantages. This paid service comes with many additional benefits while shopping on Amazon. Not just that, one subscription fee of Amazon Prime unlocks many services such as Amazon Prime delivery, Amazon Prime Movies, and videos, Amazon Music, Amazon library (e-books offered by Amazon), Amazon Pantry, etc.

You just need to pay for the one subscription charges of Amazon Prime to get these irresistible deals and benefits. Prime users also get special discounts and offers. There are different plans available for taking the subscription of Amazon Prime.  This is the reason that Amazon has over 100 million Amazon Prime Members all over the world.

To get a refund for your Prime subscription, you first need to cancel your ongoing Prime membership. Follow the simple instructions to cancel your Prime membership yourself.

Cancel your Amazon Prime Subscription from the Mobile Application

  • Download and Open the Amazon app in your device and log in to your account with your registered email and password.
  • Go to the settings sections of the App and open the account settings and go to Manage Your Prime Membership.
  • Now, you can end your subscription by choosing to quit your Prime membership.
  • Submit the reason for your decision to quit the Amazon Prime membership and it will be done.

Cancel your Amazon Prime Subscription via Amazon Help Page

From any internet enabled device, open the official website of Amazon. Make sure you have a strong internet connection for carrying out this process. 

Log in to your Amazon Prime account with your registered email id or phone number and password. To quit your Prime membership, you need to go to “Continue to Cancel” and further select “End your subscription Now”.

After you have completed this process, you will get a pop-up confirmation that you’re Prime membership has been canceled as per your request. You will receive an email and SMS verification on your mobile with the same confirmation message.

How to get a refund on Amazon Prime?

You can choose to discontinue the Prime service after purchasing it. After using Amazon Prime services, if you wish to quit the service. You can quit and cancel your Prime membership and get a partial or even a full refund of the subscription amount by Amazon. The status of the refund varies on the point if you have used the service or not. If after becoming a paid Prime member, you have not used any Prime services or availed any benefits for Prime users, you are eligible to get a full refund of the whole amount. If you have used some of your Prime services after purchasing Amazon Prime, you are then eligible for a partial refund.

Contact Amazon customer care after you have canceled your Amazon Prime services. Make sure to turn off the auto-renewal option for payments. 


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