How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime is a paid service offered by Amazon where users have to pay for the subscription charges. Amazon Prime Members have access to many additional services such as two – day delivery of packages, free Amazon Prime Movies, and videos, Amazon Music, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Pantry, etc. As per a survey by Amazon in April 2018, there are more than 100 million Amazon Prime Members across the world.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Offers their new Prime users one month of free Prime membership and charges a certain amount post that for the annual Prime membership. If you wish to discontinue the service, you can cancel your Prime membership and get a refund of that amount by Amazon.

Amazon Prime Services

Amazon Prime Music

It’s Prime Music has millions of songs in various languages like English, Hindi, and many others. The songs are free Amazon Prime users. They can save and download the songs offline and listen to them anytime and anywhere for free.

Amazon Prime Videos

These Prime Videos are free for Amazon Prime users. This Prime Videos Application is available to download on all IOS and Android smartphones, tablets, PCs, Amazon devices, etc. Millions of videos are available in multiple languages including regional languages of the countries.

Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon Prime members can read an unlimited number of books and magazines on Amazon Kindle for free. Prime users can read from millions of books and magazines categorized as per their genre and type on Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Prime Pantry

Amazon Pantry delivers pantry boxes to the customer’s houses. Only the Prime members can get the delivery of pantry boxes at their houses, any day of the week.  

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now allows all the Prime members living in certain states of US to get the delivery of their products within one or two hours.

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

You can cancel your Amazon Prime membership at any time you want. There are no terms and conditions on that. The users can also get a complete refund of their membership if they meet certain conditions.

If the users cancel the Prime membership during the thirty days of free trial, then they are not charged any money. Each user gets the 30-day free trial only one time. So after availing the free trial once, if the user tries to log in to Amazon Prime post that, their credit card will be immediately charged and the price for the membership would be deducted. There are two ways by which you can cancel and end your Amazon Prime subscription.

End your Amazon Prime Subscription via Amazon Help Page

It is the most convenient way to end your Amazon Prime Membership without being charged. Just go to the official website of Amazon and then to the help page. On the help, page finds the option of End Your Amazon Prime membership and click on that and you’re done! That is all that as required to cancel and end your Prime subscription.

Then you will have to log in to your Amazon account using registered email and password. Click on “Continue to Cancel”. After that select “End your subscription Now” button. Post this you will receive a pop-up confirmation that your Prime membership has been ended as per your request. You will also get an email and SMS on your mobile about the same.

End Your Amazon Prime Membership via Amazon Account Settings Page

The second way to end your Amazon Prime Subscription is from the settings page of the Amazon Account. This method is longer than the previous one and involves more steps.

Log in to your Amazon account with your registered email id and password. On the top right of the page, you will see the option of Amazon Account Settings.

Click on “ Account & Lists”. Clicking on that option you will see many more options and scroll down and choose  “Find your Prime Membership”. On the button on the left sidebar, select the option of “End Membership and Benefits”. Under that option, there would be three buttons. The last step to cancel your Prime membership is clicking “Continue to Cancel”  and then “End Now” button from there. You will receive a pop-up message that will confirm the end of your Amazon Prime Subscription.


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