How to Cancel Amazon Prime Account

With one purchase for Amazon Prime, users can get the fastest delivery of products, get maximum discounts, offers and cash backs, free subscription to Amazon Prime Videos, movies, music, and eBook services. First-time users of Amazon Prime get one month of free Prime services for free. They can avail this offer, just for one time, while signing up for Amazon Prime.  

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Account

After the free trial subscription period ends, Amazon immediately charges your linked debit or credit with the annual subscription for Amazon Prime. Upon canceling, in certain cases, users are eligible for as partial or complete refund of their subscription cost. It completely depends on certain conditions described in the refund eligibility section of the website.

It is suggested that you should cancel the Prime subscription within the trial period only if you have made your mind for not to continue with Amazon Prime. If you forget to cancel your Prime subscription and then your debit or credit card has been charged with the annual subscription charges for Prime membership, you still can cancel the subscription and get a complete refund back in your bank account. Although, this is possible only under certain terms and conditions.

Cancel your Amazon Prime Membership

To cancel Amazon Prime membership, go to the home page of Amazon and open your Prime account from there. Fill in your registered email address and password and log in to your Amazon Prime account from there. From there, go on the Prime Membership option and then select the option of “Cancel your Prime Membership” on the left top of the sidebar options. Fill in the valid reason for canceling the Prime subscription. After doing so, your Amazon subscription would be canceled.

How to Cancel your Amazon Prime

Amazon gives one time free trial of Amazon Prime for thirty days to all new users. Each user gets this free subscription just one time. After your free trial, your card linked to the Amazon account is directly charged with the annual subscription fee. Looking for how to cancel Amazon Prime if you do not want it? It is very simple to cancel the Amazon Prime membership and you can do it on your own by following the instructions below to cancel the Prime subscription on your own.

If you cancel the Prime membership during your free 30 days of the trial period, your bank account is not charged even a single penny for that. But when your free trial period ends, your debit or credit card linked to Amazon Prime is charged directly with the annual subscription for Prime. You can end the Prime Membership after the deduction of an amount for subscription has been deducted from your card and then to get a refund of the cost. In that case, go to the refund eligibility section of your Amazon Prime account.

Services and benefits of Amazon Prime Membership

  • Two days Free Shipping.
  • Prime users can share their Prime Membership with up to four Amazon members.
  • Prime Photos by Amazon Prime gives Unlimited storage for photos and videos.
  • Amazon Prime Videos
  • Amazon Prime Music.
  • Amazon Prime Kindle.
  • Amazon Pantry.
  • Early access to deals and new products.
  • Special cash backs and discounts to Prime users.

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