Cancel Amazon Prime Trial after Purchase

Looking for how to Cancel Amazon Prime Trial after Purchase? It is a simple process involving a few steps, no rocket science. We have explained it in an easy way below so that all the users can do it all on their own without any hassle. Amazon offers all of its new users one month of free Amazon Prime membership and services and charges after that trial period for the Prime membership. If you want to end the service, you can discontinue your Prime membership and get a full refund of that amount that you have paid by Amazon.

Amazon Prime services are a blessing to online shopaholics. It is a paid service directly offered by Amazon. One subscription of Amazon Prime accompanies benefits. Users have to just pay for the subscription charges for Amazon Prime and in return, they will get many services under it.

There are options available for the subscription fee of Amazon Prime. Users can either pay directly for the annual subscription or get the monthly subscription plan. The Prime Members get numerous additional benefits and services such as free two – day delivery of all orders and packages, Amazon Prime Movies, and Videos, Amazon Music, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Pantry, etc. There are more than 100 million active  Amazon Prime Members all over the world.

Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial

Users can cancel their Amazon Prime membership any day they want. If the Prime membership is canceled by a user during the thirty days of free trial period, then they are not charged with the membership or subscription charges. It is completely free for users.

One user will get this 30-day free trial only one time in a year. So after using the free trial offer once, when the user tries logging in to their Amazon Prime account after that, their debit or credit card linked to Amazon Prime will be immediately charged for that and the price for the membership will be charged from the account. You can follow your Amazon Prime Subscription and check for your eligibility for refund by following the method below.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music has millions of songs to offer to its users and that too in multiple languages like English, Hindi, and many others. Amazon Prime also has regional music, depending on the place where the account has been created and used. The songs are free to listen to online and also can be downloaded offline.

Only Amazon Prime users can use this service. They can save, download and listen to their favorite music anytime and anywhere without any difficulty, for free. Prime users can also create their customized playlists on Amazon Music. Amazon music has a free app which the users can download in their Android and iOS mobiles and tablets.

Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime Videos is available for free as a website and application for Amazon Prime users. The mobile application is free and available to download on all IOS and Android smartphones, tablets, PCs, Amazon devices and other devices. Millions of videos are available on Amazon Prime Videos in many languages including regional languages of various countries.

Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon Prime members can read their favorite books online, virtually borrow from the kindle library and download an unlimited number of books and magazines on Amazon Kindle without paying any charges. Amazon Kindle has millions of books and magazines available which are updated with new additional books regularly and are categorized as per their genre and type on Amazon Kindle. Amazon Kindle is available as a free app on iOS and Android devices.

Amazon Prime Pantry

Amazon Pantry delivers pantry boxes to their Prime customer’s houses instantly. Only the Prime members can get orders of pantry boxes and get them delivered to their houses, any day of the week.  

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now gets the delivery of their products done within one or two hours after placing the order, in many states of US. Only Prime members can get the benefit of Amazon Prime Now.  

Cancel Amazon Prime Trial after Purchase from the Amazon help page

It is the easiest way to cancel and put an end to your Amazon Prime Membership without being charged any cost. Just go to the Amazon website and then the help page. On the help page, look for the option of “End Your Amazon Prime membership now”. Right, click on that option and you’re done successfully!

To verify the process, log in to your Amazon account using the registered email and password linked to Amazon Prime. Select the options of “Continue to Cancel” and after that “End your subscription Now” option. After completing these following steps, you will get a pop-up notification confirming that your Prime membership has been canceled on your request. You will also get a confirmation email and SMS on your mobile that will confirm that your subscription has been canceled.


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