Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

The users can cancel Amazon Prime Membership any time. Amazon gives all its users a free Amazon Prime membership for the first 30 days. After that 30 day period ends, Amazon automatically charges the debit card with the annual subscription. If you forgot to cancel it and your debit or credit card has been charged with the annual membership, there are still ways that you can get a complete refund.

Cancel your Amazon Prime Membership and get a refund

Open the home page of your Amazon Prime account. Sign in to your account from there. As you sign in, there will be a bunch of pop-up options, from those options, scroll down and click on the Prime Membership. Select the option of “Do not Continue Prime Membership” on the left corner of the sidebar. If you have been charged for the Prime membership and you have not used any of the benefits and advantages, you can get a complete refund within three to four business days.

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon is an online delivery website service working as the world’s largest e-commerce companies and is settled in Seattle, Washington. The CEO of the company is Jeff Bezos. Amazon launched its additional service of Amazon Prime in 2005. To get advantages of this service, the users have to purchase the Prime membership. It has many additional benefits and services.

Amazon Prime has more than 100 million subscribers worldwide who are actively and regularly paying for Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime has many additional services to offer to its users such as Amazon Prime Videos, Prime Music, Amazon Pantry, free books and magazines on Amazon Kindle, free delivery of products and much more. One time subscription cost for these many additional services makes the money worth.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime

Amazon offers one time free trial of Amazon Prime to new users. Each user gets this free subscription only one time. After the free trial month, the credit or debit card linked to the Amazon account is directly charged with the annual subscription fee. Want to know how to cancel Amazon Prime if you do not want it? It is very easy to cancel the Amazon Prime membership and you can do it by following the steps below to cancel the Prime subscription on your own.

If you cancel the Prime membership during the first 30 days of the trial period, the bank account is not charged even a single dollar for that. But when the 30 day trial period ends, the debit or credit card is charged immediately with the annual subscription. You can also cancel the Prime Membership after the amount for subscription has been deducted from your card and still get a refund of the cost.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon gives all its Prime members many remarkable benefits which completely make the membership cost worth it. Amazon Prime offers free Delivery on the same day of placing the order. Thus the Prime members can get all their products delivered within the day they placed their order. Many cities can also get the delivery of the products within two hours. This service is called Amazon Now. These services are completely free and are only available for Amazon Prime users.

Amazon Prime Rewards-

Amazon also provides instant offers, reward points, special cash backs, and huge reward points to the Prime members. It also gives Prime rewards Visa Signature Cards for all the Prime members and they can then get the maximum discounts and cash backs on their orders.

Amazon Prime Video-

The Prime users get access to the latest movies, videos, TV shows and Amazon Prime Videos without paying any charges additionally. The Amazon Prime Video mobile application is available on all devices and is completely free to download.

Amazon Music-

Prime users can listen to unlimited songs of any language, country or genre for free. They can listen to the latest songs without paying any cost for it.

Prime Photos-

Just like Google picture in Google Drive, Amazon has Prime Picture where Amazon Prime Pictures users can store an unlimited number of photos on the Amazon Cloud Drive available on their phones, iPads, and tablets. This benefit is only for Prime users.

Amazon Kindle-

So It launched its eBook named Amazon Kindle. Amazon Prime users can read any book on Amazon Kindle for free. The books can also be downloaded for free and can be read offline at any time.

Amazon Prime membership has many benefits to offer. But if you wish to cancel the Prime membership, you can do it any time you feel like and get the refund accordingly. So If you have doubts regarding it, contact Amazon Prime Customer Service and know how to cancel your Amazon Prime membership.

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