Amazon Prime Membership Refund

Amazon has now grown up from just being a delivery service. It has made its way to other sections such as entertainment, lifestyle, etc. Amazon launched its Prime service that included many such benefits at the cost of a single subscription. Apart from the delivery of product, Amazon Prime has many additional advantages. Users just have to buy the Prime service once to enjoy a full year of Amazon Prime services.

Amazon Prime Membership Refund

Amazon Prime comes with many additional benefits apart from shopping on Amazon. The one subscription fee of Amazon Prime gives the users many services such as Amazon Prime delivery, Amazon Prime Movies and videos, Amazon Music, Amazon library, Amazon Pantry, etc.

Users just have to pay for the one subscription charges of Amazon Prime to get all these irresistible deals and benefits. Prime users also get special discounts and offers on Amazon. There are different plans available to buy the subscription of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime Members also get additional benefits and services of getting their packages and orders delivered within two – days from when the orders are placed. But, the users can cancel and refund their Amazon Prime subscription any time they want.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Account from Amazon Help Page

  • In order to get a refund for your Prime subscription, you firstly, have to cancel your current Amazon Prime membership. Follow the simple instructions to cancel your Prime membership yourself.
  • Quit your Amazon Prime Subscription from the Mobile Application
  • Download and Open the Amazon app in your device and log in to your account with your registered email and password.
  • Go to the settings sections of the App and open the account settings and go to Manage Your Prime Membership.
  • Now, you can end your subscription by choosing to quit your Prime membership.
  • Submit the reason for your decision to quit the Amazon Prime membership and it will be done.

Cancel your Amazon Prime Subscription via Amazon Help Page

From any internet enabled device, open the official website of Amazon. Make sure you have a strong internet connection for carrying out this process.

Log in to your Amazon Prime account with your registered email id or phone number and password.

To quit your Prime membership, you need to go to “Continue to Cancel” and further select “End your subscription Now”. After you have completed this process, you will get a pop-up confirmation that your Prime membership has been cancelled as per your request. You will also receive an email and SMS verification on your mobile with the same confirmation message.

Amazon Prime cancel membership Refund

You can choose to discontinue the Prime service after purchasing it. After using Amazon Prime services, if you wish to quit the service, you can quit and cancel your Prime membership and get a partial or even a full refund of the subscription amount by Amazon. The status of the refund varies on the point if you have used the service or not.

If after becoming a paid Prime member, you have not used any Prime services or availed any benefits for Prime users, you are eligible to get a full refund of the whole amount. If you have used some of your Prime services after purchasing Amazon Prime, you are then eligible for a partial refund.

Contact Amazon customer care after you have cancelled your Amazon Prime services. Make sure to turn off the auto renewal option for payments. This way, you will always be asked before any payment.  

Refund for Amazon Prime

Users can cancel their paid Prime membership any time by visiting their Amazon Prime Account and cancelling the Prime membership from there themselves. If you quit your paid Prime membership during first 3 days of signing up and paying for Prime membership, Amazon will issue a virtual credit note to the user and then refund the full membership fee that was paid to Amazon.

There is although an exception to that case. To get the full refund of the subscription by Amazon, users should not have used any of the Prime services within their paid membership period. If they have, they are eligible for the partial refund. Once initiated, the users get back the full refund within three to four working days. Refunds are made in the same source that was used to make the payment for Prime.

Once you have made up your mind to quit your Prime membership, before taking measures for refund, you first need to cancel your Prime membership. You need to follow the instructions below to do so. In case you get stuck in any step between, get help from the executives at Amazon by calling the toll-free number.

Quit your Prime membership from Amazon home page

  • Go to the web browser and open the official Amazon home page.
  • Log in to your Amazon Prime account with your registered email id and password.
  • Go to the homepage of Amazon Prime and then go to your Prime account.
  • In the settings section of your Amazon Prime account, go to the option of cancelling the Prime membership. Click on that and follow the steps mentioned.
  • From there, confirm and end your Prime membership.
  • Then, after doing so, you will receive a confirmation on your email and a  SMS that your Prime membership has been ended.

Quit your Prime membership from Amazon Mobile Application

  • Download the Amazon mobile application. The mobile app is the same for regular Amazon users and Amazon Prime users.
  • Log in to your Amazon Prime account by filling the account user details and the password.
  • Go to the help section of Amazon Prime and then click on the option to end your Prime membership.
  • Your membership will be cancelled. And, you will also get an email and SMS with the same confirmation. In case you are unable to do it on your own, you can contact the customer care executives at Amazon and they will assist you to do it.

How to get refund for Amazon Prime

After cancelling Prime membership, do not forget that you also have to turn off the auto payments option. After doing that, your credit or debit cards will never be charged by Amazon without your permission. Once the refund has been initiated, it will reflect back in your account or the initial mode of payment within three to four working days.

There are several cases that tell the refund eligibility. If the user has not used any of the Prime facilities during their paid membership, they are eligible for a full 100% refund. In case that the user has used the Prime services, they will get a partial refund.


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