Amazon Prime Membership Cancel

Amazon Prime is a blessing to those who use a lot of online shopping services and a lot of other entertainment websites. People have to pay for online Videos, movies, music, and eBook services. Amazon launched its Prime service in which the users have to pay for an annual subscription of Amazon Prime and use its Prime services such as Prime movies, videos, music, eBook, etc.

Amazon Prime Membership Cancel

 The users can cancel Amazon Prime Membership at any point they want to. Amazon gives all its users one month of free Amazon Prime membership for the first time. After that free subscription period ends, Amazon directly charges your debit or credit card linked to Amazon with the annual subscription. If you want to cancel the Prime service, then you should cancel the Prime membership within the 30 day trial period and the debit card will not be charged anything.

If you somehow forget to cancel it and your debit or credit card has been charged with the annual membership charges, you can still cancel the subscription and get a complete refund back in your bank account. If you met with the terms and conditions for the refund, the refund is soon generated and the amount reflects back in the account in three to four business days.

Cancel your Amazon Prime Membership

To cancel Amazon Prime membership, open the home page of Amazon Prime. Sign in to your account from there. As you sign in, there will be several options in front of you, from there, scroll down and go on the Prime Membership option. Select the option of “Do not Continue Prime Membership” on the left top of the sidebar. If you forgot to cancel the Prime subscription and now you have been charged for the Prime account, and you have not used any services, you can get a complete refund in your bank account within three to four business days.

Amazon Prime Customer Service

Amazon is an online website that offers its users all kinds of products sitting at their home. Amazon delivers the products right at the doorstep of the buyer. It has a vast category of products available. From Groceries, dairy products, cosmetics, personal care, health products and supplements, grooming, mobile phones, laptops, hardware products and many more, all are available on Amazon. Any product you are searching for, it is available on Amazon.

Amazon is a free e-commerce website that is free for every user. The basic services of Amazon come completely free but there is another service of Amazon Prime for the customers. The customers who want to take up the Prime membership are required to buy the prime membership on an annual or monthly basis to avail services like fastest delivery, delivery of products within one day, special and additional discounts, etc.

To make it easy and convenient for the customers, we have the Amazon Prime Customer Support Service which is available 24/7, at any day. They can watch anything from a category of millions of movies and TV shows available on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime also has also launched some original and independent online series and movies on its own that are exclusively available for Amazon Prime users on Amazon Prime Videos.

All the Amazon Prime Members also have access to Amazon Prime movies where they can view movies and TV shows without paying any other subscription charges. It is available for free to download on IOS and Android mobiles as a free downloadable Application.

Amazon Prime Service has its headquarters situated in the US. According to a survey by the Consumer Intelligence Research, Amazon Prime has over 80 million active users paying to use the Prime Membership of Amazon.

Amazon Prime Customer Service

If you feel that your problems are not solved by going through the FAQs available on Amazon or the helpdesk, you can call Amazon Prime Customer Service. It is a toll-free number available all 7 days of the week. Amazon Prime has a reliable and effective customer support service.

You can email the Amazon Prime Customer Service team mentioning your registered email id with Amazon and your queries. The customer support team will respond back at the earliest they can. All the queries and troubles of the customers are given priority and importance.

The service of live chat support is also available. You can live chat with the customer care executives of Amazon Prime anywhere, any time. They will provide satisfactory and effective solutions to your troubles with Amazon services. The most convenient way to reach out to Amazon Customer Support team is by calling at the toll-free number. The Amazon prime customer service is available to take your calls at any time, any day.


  • Services and benefits of Amazon Prime Membership
  • One day Free Shipping.
  • Sharing of Prime Membership with up to four Amazon members.
  • Unlimited storage for photos and videos in Prime Photos by Amazon.
  • It Prime Videos
  • It Prime Music.
  • Amazon Prime Kindle.
  • Amazon Pantry.
  • Easy access to deals and new products.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime

Amazon offers one time free trial of Amazon Prime to new users. Each user gets this free subscription only one time. After the free trial month, the credit or debit card linked to the Amazon account is directly charged with the annual subscription fee. Want to know how to cancel Amazon Prime if you do not want it? It is very easy to cancel the Amazon Prime membership and you can do it by following the steps below to cancel the Prime subscription on your own.

If you cancel the Prime membership during the first 30 days of the trial period, the bank account is not charged even a single dollar for that. But when the 30 day trial period ends, the debit or credit card is charged immediately with the annual subscription. You can also cancel the Prime Membership after the amount for subscription has been deducted from your card and still get a refund of the cost.

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