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Amazon prime is a service which is offered by one of the leading shopping brand, Amazon. It is a paid service with a subscription. The brand has a variety of services to offer to the users such music, shopping, series, movies, etc. this application offers a free month subscription to the users based on the plan that they choose. In the year 2018, Amazon prime had more than 100 million subscribers and now has more people added to the family.

This privilege of the account on amazon prime is enjoyed by the user who has an academic domain in their email address. In 2005, the company Amazon announced the creation of Amazon prime. It serves a number of users as being the site offering them shipping and other facilities as well. Some of the features of the brand are of video streaming, music, movies, series, games, kindle etc., all are provided by the application on a single platform. This app allows its users to choose a plan according to them and it offers them with a free month perk.

Amazon Prime Customer Service Number

Amazon Prime has a number of features in store to offer to its users and with them, it offers the best customer service too. The problems are all solved at no cost at all. Amazon prime customer service is the platform where all your problems are solved and whenever you feel the need to do so. Anything which confuses you or anything that you face an issue with, you can anytime contact Amazon prime customer service. The desk is always there to help you whenever you feel stuck at any problem. There are many experts to help you with the problems at the desk of Amazon prime customer service.

Amazon prime phone number is a place where you can talk to the team full of experts to help you solve your issues. The support team is always active to have your query solved from having a membership until changing the plan. At any point when you feel confused regarding any service of the service, you can contact the team anytime. You can easily contact Amazon prime support on their number and have a word with the team. You will be guided step by step to the solution. The Amazon prime support is very user-friendly and knowledgeable.

The questions customers have

As you enjoy the services by the Amazon Prime at just one click, you are prone to the problems and confusions as well. Here are a few questions that can come to your mind while you enjoy the services by the site. Some of the frequently asked questions are-

  • Having a subscription
  • Change in the subscription plan
  • Renew your prime membership
  • Sign-in for Amazon Prime
  • Prime eligibility criteria
  • Details of exclusive deals
  • Terms and conditions
  • Exclusive selection for Amazon Prime
  • End your Prime membership
  • Amazon Prime delivery criteria

With the bunch of numerous facilities that Amazon prime provides its users with, they may find it a bit confusing at times to cope up with the features and that is where Amazon prime customer service comes to help. There are experts who are always up for your help anytime when you need them to be. It is the answer to all your problems ranging from having trouble signing in or you want a new membership, Amazon prime customer service is just there.


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