Amazon Prime cancel membership Refund

Want to cancel Amazon Prime free trial after you have purchased it? It is a five-minute job. All you need is an internet enabled device and a strong internet connection. Below are explained the steps in a simple way so that you may do it all on your own without any facing any inconvenience. Amazon provides its new users with one month of free Amazon Prime membership. The charges for the Prime subscription are applied after the free trial month ends.

Amazon Prime cancel membership Refund

It is possible to discontinue the service after purchasing it. After using Amazon Prime, if you want to discontinue the service, you can end your Prime membership and get a partial or even a complete refund of that amount by Amazon. The status of the refund depends if you have used the service or not.

If, after purchasing, you have not used any of the Prime services, you are eligible for the complete refund of the whole amount. If you have used your Prime services after your trial period has ended, then you are eligible for a partial refund.

Amazon Prime has many advantages for online shoppers. Amazon services are free of cost to all the users but Amazon Prime is a paid service offered by Amazon. One subscription package for Amazon Prime has numerous benefits. Only the Amazon Prime users have to pay for the subscription charges. They can either make the payments monthly, annually or semi-annually.

Amazon offers its Prime Members many additional benefits and services like the confirmed two – day delivery of packages, Amazon Prime Movies, and Videos, Amazon Music, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Pantry, Amazon Now etc. Due to its huge advantages, multiple services, and people’s trust and reliability of the company, there are more than 100 million active Amazon Prime Members all over the world.

Amazon Prime cancel membership Refund

In spite of its many benefits, sometimes, the users, for any reason, may want to cancel the Prime subscription. Amazon has offered many flexible and fair policies to its users. Even if you have purchased the Prime membership and services, and after the purchase, you feel like discontinuing the service, you can still get the refund of the complete amount paid.  

There are two variant conditions applied to that. in case you have not used any of the Amazon Prime services after purchasing it and post your free trial has ended, you are eligible for the complete refund of the whole amount that you had paid.

in case you have used some services of Amazon Prime after purchasing them, you are eligible for the partial refund of the subscription cost, it depends on how much services you have used. If you want to know more about the refund, go to the refund section of the official website of Amazon Prime or speak to an Amazon Prime customer support representative.

Before canceling the Prime services, you should think again. Amazon Prime is the best service that offers so many variant benefits at one affordable cost. Check out the Services offered by Amazon Prime below. If you still feel these services are not of much use to you, you can cancel your Amazon Prime membership and get a refund.

  • It’s Prime Music
  • This Prime Videos
  • Amazon Prime Reading
  • Amazon Prime Pantry
  • It’s Prime Now


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