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People nowadays have multiple accounts with different websites and more. In such cases, they tend to forget passwords to their account. Do not worry if you fail to remember your Amazon Prime account’s password.  You can easily recover it. To maintain the privacy and security of its users, Amazon has a firm process to recover passwords and accounts. The step involves two to three verification methods to confirm the ownership of the account. After that, you can easily recover your account, reset and change your account’s password.

Forgot Amazon password

  • Follow the instructions below to recover your forgotten Amazon password.
  • Go to your web browser and go to the official Amazon website.
  • You will see the login page. Click on “log in to an existing account”. Fill in your registered email or mobile number.
  • Under that, you will see an option saying, “Forgot my Password”, click on that.
  • You will be then directed to the password or account recovery page of Amazon. You will need to fill your email address again.
  • After filling the correct, registered email address, you will need to fill the Captcha form to confirm you’re not a robot or a minor. After doing that, click on “continue”.
  • An email by Amazon will then be sent to your registered email address. Open your email and look for the recovery email from Amazon.
  • Open the link in the recovery email.
  • The link will take you to the password recovery page of Amazon.
  • Quickly make a new password and submit it. You will need to enter the password twice for verification. After that, click on continue.
  • Your work here would be done. You will then have to go to the web browser again and go to the official Amazon website. You will need to log in again using your registered email and the new password. Enter the correct password and your account will be restored.

Reset your Amazon password

To maintain the security and privacy of your account, Amazon suggests users change their password after every few months. Users are advised to keep their passwords secured and build a safe password. Some tips to create a strong password are listed below.

Create a long password. It should be of at least 8 characters.


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